ReaderCon Summary Report

ReaderCon is a literary science fiction and fantasy convention in Boston with a reputation for excellent discussions and panels. Many folks whose writing I love find their way there regularly, and with the additional temptation of a mini-reunion with my Viable Paradise cohort, I attended for the first time.

Overall, I had a delightful time. My main regrets circle around there being more people to talk to and more interesting things to do than I had time for, and those are good problems to have.

On one of my favorite panels, When the Other Is You, Chesya Burke, Chip Delany, Peter Dubé, Mikki Kendall, Vandana Singh, and Sabrina Vourvoulias (moderator) talked about their experiences as “others.” The impact was in the specific experiences and perspective the panelists discussed, which ranged across generations and cultures, and I highly recommend listening. Update: Scott Edelman posted the video here.

Other pleasures included the guerilla speakeasy reading, the discovery (thank you, A. C. Wise) that there are caterpillars who stack caterpillars’ skulls on their heads like terrifying hats, and the gigantic Viable Paradise dinner, organized by the inimitable Dave Twiddy, where I got to meet some of the incoming class and graduates of other years. There was of course the usual convention joy of meeting people who I’ve only see occasionally or chat with online. Devin Singer, Sheila Cail, Latasha Ewell, and I all hosted a room party, our first one, and that was a smashing success. When the convention ended, we were not done! and went to a Sunday afternoon Barnes and Noble event with Tor authors Max Gladstone, Paul Park, Felix Gilman, and Brian Stavely. Brian can host a mean trivia game.

Thank you to the convention staff for a wonderful convention. I look forward to next year!

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